China Cites Reasons for Cremation of Death due to Corona Virus

Reasons for Cremation

China Cites Reasons for Cremation of Death due to Corona Virus – Wuhan, China claimed in one day the cremation of about 100 bodies to be cremated. All corpses of victims of the Corona virus in Wuhan have been collected from several hospitals in Wuhan city.

China Cites Reasons for Cremation of Death due to Corona Virus

This action was taken after previously the Chinese government in the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) has issued a trial regulation that prohibits the eating of victims due to the Corona type 2019-nCoV virus.

This decision was taken in steps to slow down the transmission of the Corona virus by cremation. The Chida National Health Commission together with the Department of Civil Affairs and the Department of Public Security have stated that all victims of the Virus must be cremated at a nearby facility.

There were no farewell ceremonies or any activities related to the body to minimize the spread of Corona’s disease poker online uang asli.

This regulation has been taken because the death due to corona virus continues to increase every day. So cremation is the only way to minimize the possibility of spread.

There are several methods that must be carried out by medical staff in handling corona virus victims who died by:

  • All medical staff must disinfect and close the body. It is forbidden to open the body after being sealed.
  • Medical staff will then issue a death certificate and notify the victim’s family, and also the local eating place will be contacted.
  • All food service personnel will collect all the bodies and will send them to the relevant facilities for immediate cremation. Relatives or family will be allowed to take the ashes after cremation.

No one will be allowed to visit the cemetery and cremation site during this process. After the cremation is complete the cremation certificate will be immediately issued later.

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